Our path towards
gender equality

Poverty is caused by the unfair distribution of wealth and resources. While extreme poverty has been declining for almost 25 years, inequality is growing — and conflict, climate change, and the lasting impacts of COVID-19 are only making things worse. The solution is equality.

CARE supports women to change unequal power relations, and supports movements that drive transformative change to achieve gender equality.

Building individual agency

Our poverty-fighting programs help build the self-esteem, confidence, and aspirations of people experiencing gender discrimination. 

Through helping women develop knowledge, skills, and capabilities, they are able to seize opportunities to earn an income, have sustainable livelihoods, and develop the resilience to withstand the increasing impacts of climate disasters and emergencies.

Strengthening relations

We work with families and communities; within economic and government spheres; marketplaces; and entire societies to change inequitable dynamics that sustain gender inequality. 

This helps women claim their fair share of resources and opportunities, assume leadership positions, and participate in decisions that affect their lives.

Transforming unequal power structures

We seek to shift resources and decision-making power to those most impacted by poverty. We are reshaping the very systems which exclude people from power by advocating against discriminatory laws and working with leaders to transform harmful and discriminatory practices. We strive for more diverse representation in social, economic and political spheres, to ensure people of all genders can realise their full potential.